Set in Stone

Set in Stone
Rebwar Saed & Hoshyar Rasheed
19 Jan – 24 Mar 2024

Hama Gallery is proud to present Set in Stone, the second duoexhibition in our gallery of artists and brothers Rebwar Saed & Hoshyar Rasheed. Transcending mediums, this colourful exhibition delves into the intertwining artistic journeys of the brothers. Their creative expressions flow together harmoniously, yet both have their distinct recognisable signature. The title of this exhibition echoes both the eternal bond between the artists and their culture, as well as the enduring themes such as nature and resilience that extend throughout their practice.

REBYAR – Connected in Silence, 2023

Be it human connections or nature, one can always find certain aspects of life that have a grounding effect and can be observed throughout time. Reflected in both Rebwar and Hoshyar’s works the viewer can see similar overarching motifs. These characteristics and stories have been collected over the past few decades and are brought together in their art. This exhibition encompasses various media, from paintings and ceramics to a series of collaborative mixed media artworks under the title REBYAR, a combination of both their names.

REBYAR – Traces of Your Gaze, 2023

Rebwar Saed
Growing up in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, surrounded by a family of artists, activists and academics, Rebwar Saed carries the traditions of Kurdish culture into his art. He explores the complexity of being human, aiming to find beauty in unexpected places and amid tumultuous times. Rebwar brings symbolism together with his signature style of using vivid colours and abstract portraiture accentuated by bold lines. Together, they give rise to timeless stories portrayed in a contemporary manner.

Hoshyar Rasheed
Hoshyar Rasheed’s distinctive style reflects the recognition of life symbols in Kurdish culture, notably the delicately painted fish. Hoshyar too takes inspiration from the heritage of his motherland and translates its elements into his practice. His artworks exude earthy tones, complemented with intricate detailing, resembling the steadfastness and depth found in stones and landscapes. One such landscape is Hoshyar’s very own garden in Rijswijk (The Netherlands), which inspired a series of works titled From My Garden, capturing the magic of nature found all around us.