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Willemsparkweg 64H 1071 HK Amsterdam Nederland info@hamagallery.com +31 (0)20 8461803

At Hama Gallery, we believe a gallery can be a space where art and people meet without boundaries. We aim to make art more accesible by inviting art lovers, collectors and professionals into a space where [emerging] contemporary artists are given the stage.

The gallery is open; whether it is a grand opening, events in our souterrain and garden, or just a casual visit, there is always something to discover.

Founded by our Gallerist Nina Hama in 2020, Hama Gallery is more than just a physical space; it is the culmination of Nina’s love for art. Born in Kurdistan and raised in the Netherlands, she spent much of her childhood in ateliers and galleries. Nina’s uncles, Rebwar Saed and Hoshyar Rasheed, both artists, played a central role in shaping her artistic interest. From assisting in the buildup and opening of their exhibitions to capturing these moments with a camera, these experiences form the foundation of Hama Gallery.

As we continue our journey, we remain dedicated to amplifying the voices of both emerging and established artists. To allow creativity to flourish, we have an Artist in Residence in the garden of our gallery, where artists are given the space to experiment with new ideas.

Our reach has expanded from Amsterdam to the Spanish shores of Ibiza, but our mission remains unchanged: to bridge worlds and create a deeper but accessible appreciation for art.

Step into the gallery to explore fresh exhibitions, enrich your collection with something original or find art objects for everyday in our webshop.


Nina Hama Gallerist nina@hamagallery.com Nicole Joseph Gallery Assistant info@hamagallery.com

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