I Walk Unafraid

I Walk Unafraid
Ziarah Janssen
1 Sep – 29 Oct 2023

Hama Gallery is proud to present I Walk Unafraid, the debut solo exhibition of artist Ziarah Janssen. Through a vibrant and expressive series of artworks, Ziarah invites us into her world brimming with colour, emotion, and self-discovery. Inspired by motherhood, Ziarah draws from the extraordinary capabilities of the female body, resulting in a captivating exploration of womanhood and resilience. She perceives fear as a restrictive force that confines her. Consequently, she strives to embody fearlessness in both her creative endeavours and everyday life. 

You Are All I Need, 2022

Ziarah’s creative journey was re-ignited during the challenging times of the pandemic. Inspired by the quietness of the world, she immersed herself in the process of painting, exploring the depths of her creativity. Her process seamlessly intertwines intuition and a fearless exploration of colour and form, skilfully capturing the essence of her lived experiences. Characterised by bold contrasts and a vibrant palette, her works capture a sense of empowerment and freedom through her expressive brushstrokes and playful imagery.

Trust the Timing, 2023
Introverted Extrovert, 2022
Bitch, I’m Attractive, 2022

In this exhibition, Ziarah takes us on a visual journey filled with celebration of the multifaceted nature of life itself, embracing both the challenges and the triumphs, and the growth that arises from overcoming them. Each artwork tells a story, documenting her endeavour to understand herself and the world around her through the act of painting. This element of storytelling is intricately connected to the human experience, forming a common thread that runs through us all. With a deliberate intention, Ziarah seeks to ignite a spark of introspection, inviting the viewer to embark on a personal journey of interpretation and discovery.  

Dinner Party, 2022

Ziarah’s diverse interests such as music and background in acting also bring a unique perspective to her paintings, providing a rich well of inspiration. For her, painting is an art form that brings her a true sense of liberation in the form of artistic freedom. Ziarah is not afraid to step outside of her comfort zone; from her early explorations with familiar colours to her intentional efforts to incorporate new hues, her artistic growth mirrors her personal growth as she embraces change and the unknown.