Faria van Creij-Callender

Faria van Creij-Callender’s artworks are an exploration of identity, blending the hues of heritage and the shadows of the in-between. Born into various cultural background, Faria found her canvas in the midst of contrasts, using art as a medium to navigate the complex interplay of light and dark, colour and (im)balance. Embedded with introspection, her work aims to portray the complexity of human existence, in all its shades.

The 24th of August, 2024

Faria has an understanding of the rich layers of artistic traditions, which she often draws elements from while painting. Yet, it is the act of drawing, the moments of silence or the encounters with everyday life that spark her creativity. These seemingly ordinary instances, be it a passing sunset or an intriguing conversation, become the seeds from which her artistic visions grow. Studying at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in the Hague and graduating with a degree in Fine Arts in 2023, she got to hone her craft and refine it.

A Peanut Butter Sandwich at Bloemendaal, 2022

Faria’s process is a dance between planning and spontaneous expression. Each artwork begins with a sketch, an initial drawing that serves as the foundation for her creativity. She delves into the interplay of shadows and light, focusing on contrast and composition. As a result, her artworks refer to objects and pursuits that stand on the intersection of black and white, creating layered stories that remind us of the complexity that lies within what Faria calls the Greyzone. Often, she uses herself as the subject, creating self-portraits that are expressions of her own understanding of identity.

Watch Out, 2021

The core of Faria’s work lies in her ability to merge historical techniques with contemporary themes, blending historical painting techniques with a portrayal of modern identity. Her paintings are not just a reflection of her own journey; they create a space where identity can flow and where the viewer is invited to be curious of oneself.

In a world often defined by isolating categories, Faria’s art stands as a testament to the beauty of embracing the in-between, where colours blend and shadows fade into the canvas. Infusing each painting with her perspective, she creates imaginative landscapes that embody the understanding that one can be many things at once.