De bananengeneratie

In De bananengeneratie, Pete talks to “fellow bananas” that share his struggle with their Chinese Dutch identity. They discuss generational differences, dating, discrimination and loneliness, and the fight to be allowed to be yourself – free of cliches.  

Pete Wu is a banana. That’s what his mother lovingly calls him anyway: “yellow on the outside and white on the inside.” 

He is a second generation Chinese Dutch, living in the middle of Dutch society, De bananengeneratie. He is nevertheless unwillingly reminded of his other-ness by people who ask him where he is really from. Or by the average carnaval bullshit, Mister Cheung from Ik hou van Holland, or Gordon: “What are you going to sing for us? Number 39 with rice?” 

Pete Wu (1985) writes as a journalist for de Volskrant, VICE and Brandpunt+. In 2018 Das Mag featured one of his stories in their first Sampler. 

  • Pete Wu 
  • In Dutch
  • Paperback 
  • 286 pages 
  • First edition  
  • Das Mag Uitgeverij
  • ISBN: 9789493168039 


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