What Am I Looking At?

What Am I Looking At?
4 Feb – 27 Mar 2022

Dewy Elsinga’s (BUTTERFINGAZ) artworks give a colourful impression of the world around her. Born from observation and experiment, she records the things that arouse her interest. Not because they are always visually appealing, but because they represent exceptional moments from everyday life. In What Am I Looking At? you will find interesting colour combinations and funny moments, cityscapes that catch your eye if you take the time to look around you.

3.15 PM TABITHA, 2021

The rapidly changing character of Amsterdam creates the need for Dewy to record her surroundings. “The city is constantly changing. That’s why I want to capture moments while they’re still here, like a brown café. Or old memories that have stayed with me, such as our regular Italian ice cream shop in de Pijp.” Dewy’s work is an ode to the eccentric city of Amsterdam. It challenges the viewer to observe, wonder and connect with what is happening around you. Even though Dewy’s works may seem abstract at first, you will find recognizable scenes and special moments in her paintings illustrations when looking closely. They carry a future nostalgia and invite you to dream away.

Doevoe Gang I, 2021
Doevoe Gang III, 2021

Through experiment, Dewy challenges herself to keep on innovating and discovering. For example, by working on a large piece of paper with India ink and household tools, such as brooms and sponges. By trying out the effect of sweeping and stamping different materials, she searches for new outcomes and patterns. In addition, quick sketches and snapshots of street scenes form the base for her work.

Cuypie, 2021

Impressions, amazement and observation come together in Dewy’s paintings, with bright colours, structures and patterns as a common thread. Her fascination with 80s Funk, a music genre with flamboyant, colourful outfits, is a source of inspiration for the colours Dewy mixes from scratch. Influences from OP-art can also be found in her paintings, where she plays with the viewer’s perception. In her work, Dewy seeks a balance between the abstract and the figurative.

Two Herrings, 2020
Lost Toupee, 2021