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Willemsparkweg 64H
1071 HK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 8461803

We believe a gallery can be a space where art and people meet without boundaries. We aim to make art more accessible to visitors, from casual viewers to art professionals, by providing a different art experience that breaks with tradition. The gallery is open for walk-ins, intimate private viewings, and collective celebrations of art through openings, and events in our garden. 

We invite art lovers, collectors and professionals into a space of [emerging] contemporary artists and fresh insights. Step into the gallery to experience art in a different way. We break with tradition to stimulate the curiosity of the viewer and celebrate the originality of the artist. 

Hama Gallery is the vision of our gallerist Nina Hama, whose interest in art was inherited from her uncles – both artists. Born in Kurdistan and raised in The Netherlands, Nina spent much of her childhood in ateliers and galleries. She would help at the construction and openings of her uncles’ exhibitions, observe conversations art lovers held, assist in the sale of postcard sets and could often be found with a camera in hand to photograph the events. Her impressions of these moments form the foundation of Hama Gallery. 

Visit our gallery to explore fresh exhibitions, enrich your collection with something original or find art objects for everyday life on our webshop. 

Hama Gallery was founded in 2020 in Amsterdam.


Nina Hama

Annemarijn van der Kolk
Gallery assistant

Zre Omar Gafoor
Gallery employee

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